Saturday, May 29, 2010

Memorial Day Patriotic Cakes, Cupcakes - Worcester, MA Bakery

Special thanks to all of our military personnel who have served and currently serve, and to their families. May we never forget those who have made the ultimate sacrifice to preserve our freedom!

We have patriotic themed baked goods for your Memorial weekend gatherings. Mrs. Mack's Bakery & Restaurant will be open Saturday & Sunday until 2pm....serving breakfast and delicious desserts!

Red, White, & Blue Cupcakes & BBQ Grill Cupcakes

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

LOST Cake - Lost themed cake for Finale!

So sad to see that the show LOST has ended. This cake was created in celebration of the last episode.

This was so much fun to make! The four-toed foot was created with Krispie Treats and fondant. You'll find the heart of the island next to the bamboo field (complete with the smoke monster) the Black Rock, the Hatch, the Oceanic plane crash (with the tail in the water on the other side of the island) and the cockpit separated from the rest of the crash site. Lots of detail including the Mary statue, Charlie's Drive Shaft ring, John Locke's knife and dynamite for the Black Rock ship. The scale with the block & white rocks, the wheel that moves the island.

There is no Dharma logo, but my tribute to Dharma was the hatch. The candidates names were written on the bottom layer. The eye of Horus is from the tapestry that Jacob was LOST fans know, the eye was the opening scene and the ending scene.

Everything is edible on the cake with the exception of the plastic palm trees.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Adult Themed Novelty Cakes - Worcester MA Bakery

Are you in charge of ordering the cake for a bachelor or bachelorette party? Mrs. Mack's Bakery in Worcester, MA specializes in 3d cakes. We have made many Adult Themed cakes that aren't suitable for public viewing! These cake designs can be modified to be a bit more.... revealing.

Here is a glimpse of a soldier standing at attention! Stop by the bakery if you'd like to see a photo of the rest of him.

Super Mario Brothers Cake - Worcester, MA Bakery

Custom cake featuring Super Mario Brothers Mario & Luigi! Figures are handcrafted from fondant and are all edible. This cake features various elements from the game along the sides of the cake.

If you know a Super Mario Brothers fan or if you are looking for a special cake just call Mrs. Mack's Bakery & Restaurant to order your one-of-a-kind specialty cake. We specialize in 3D custom cakes, but offer traditional cakes as well. We will help you find the perfect cake for your budget.

Please visit our photo gallery at to see samples of our work.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother's Day Cakes & more at Worcester, MA Bakery

You can be "Mom's Favorite!" Just stop by Mrs. Mack's Bakery at 1393 Grafton Street in Worcester, MA and treat Mom to breakfast.

If you want to score "brownie" points be sure to get her a delicious treat in honor of Mother's Day. Aside from our signature brownies, we have breads, cakes, cupcakes, cookies, pies, and a wide variety of pastry that every Mom would love.