Sunday, February 28, 2010

National Pig Day Cupcakes at Mrs. Mack's Bakery in Worcester, MA

According to

"National Pig Day
recognizes and gives thanks to domesticated pigs. For some unknown reason, big, pot-bellied pigs seen in zoos, are often the symbol of the day. Pigs are clever and intelligent animals. But, most people are unaware of this high level of intelligence. They can be taught to do tricks. Some people even keep them as pets. Today is a day to give pigs the respect that they deserve."

"Ellen Stanley, a Texas art teacher created National Pig Day in 1972. Her intent was to to recognize and be thankful for pigs as intelligent domestic animals.

There is no evidence to suggest that this is truly a "National" day, which requires an act of congress."

Friday, February 5, 2010

Super Bowl Breakfast & Party Snacks in Worcester, MA

Head on over to Mrs. Mack's Bakery & Restaurant for breakfast this weekend. While you are here you will find a table of goodies that we've prepared especially for the Super Bowl. We have football themed cakes, cupcakes, & cookies (for Colts fans AND Saints fans) and our pastry cases are filled with an assortment of delicious desserts. Don't forget your "football" bread's perfect for party dips!

Mrs. Mack's Bakery & Restaurant is located at:

1393 Grafton Street
Worcester, MA
(508) 753-0610

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It's Groundhog Day! Celebrate with special cake from Mrs. Mack's Bakery

Today is Groundhog day! Will the groundhog see his shadow? You can find out by heading to Mrs. Mack's Bakery on Grafton Street in Worcester, MA where you will find Phil peeking out of the "ground" on one of our special cakes.

We have a variety of delicious home baked goods as well as a restaurant where you can enjoy breakfast & lunch until 1:45pm.